What CBAP Alumni Have to Say

Certificate in Business Administration Program alumni represent every major industry group operating within the Chicago metropolitan area. Throughout it's twenty year history, the program has served over 1000 business owners and managers and the business improvement results have been significant and long lasting. Alumni of the program strive to continually grow and improve their businesses by staying connected to the CBAP. They send additional key managers to the program, attend alumni events, and work with the Center for Enterprise Development on business improvement issues and updating and implementing their strategic plan.

Oberweis Dairy
"Oberweis Dairy is at a critical point of growth and management development, moving from a small, family-owned company to a medium-sized, and potentially global business. The CBAP brought us the opportunity to bring together the managers most key in the development of our strategic plan. The program gave us the ability to apply a level of discipline and begin the process to create a team-oriented infrastructure that will support our future levels of anticipated growth at Oberweis Dairy."
Mark Vance, Director of Marketing
Oberweis Dairy CBAP '02

Flavors of North America
“My team and I not only developed our strategic plan, but we implemented it…immediately defining and improving our day-to-day operations.”
Joe Slawek, President
Flavors of North America CBAP '98

Former Chicago Blackhawk, Co-Founder Chicago Wolves
"As a retired NHL hockey player and current business owner, I looked for an educational program in which I could use my past experiences in business, and create a strategic plan for the future. The CBA allowed me the opportunity of all the benefits that are provided with a conventional Masters degree program, condensed into a six-month period... and the hands-on approach benefited me far more than any other type of curriculum."
Grant M. Mulvey
Former Chicago Blackhawk, Co-Founder Chicago Wolves CBAP '92

Mill Creek Systems, Inc.
“We had a record 1st Quarter, we’re on track for the ’02 revenue goal we set in class, we’ve hired two additional people with more coming in soon, completed our goal of moving into larger office space and began to implement our strategy of going after bigger contracts. So, I’d say, “yes”, the CBAP program was a great success!"
Warren Newhauser, President
Mill Creek Systems, Inc. CBAP ’01

Women's Workout World
"I’ve chosen a career I love, so I never view it as work. It has been a thrill for me to work on my company in this program and in the presence of others who have also chosen careers and lives they love."
Shari Whitley, President
Women's Workout World CBAP ’96

Dearborn Companies
"The Certificate in Business Administration Program at UIC is the key ingredient in the success we're currently achieving, and in the success that's to come."
Michael Walsh, President
Dearborn Companies CBAP '00

Corrosion Monitoring Services
"It was the best money I ever spent for the business. We had immediate results. Every week, we applied what we learned in class. I have returned to the program after five years because the world has changed so much, and the CBAP is still on top of the changes!"
Steve Turner, President
Corrosion Monitoring Services CBAP '93 & '98

Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc.
"We have defined our vision. I now think in terms of our stated strategy and try not to start projects that are not clearly related to it. The existence of a strategic document helps me focus. I intend to enroll at least one of my employees in a future cycle. I will also recommend it to other business owners when appropriate."
Tom Powers,President
Saftey Meeting Outlines, Inc. CBAP ’02

ACT Metal Deck Supply
"Coming into the CBAP, we wanted to get one more percentage point to the bottom-line and we got three. That's a lot when you do millions in business. The CBAP was critical for growth because we went from about 20 customers in 1995, to 1,300 customers, and we can say it was painless because of the CBAP."
Nick V. Polizzi, President CBAP '95 and Mike Leali, Chief Financial Officer
ACT Metal Deck Supply CBAP '98

Apex Wood Floors
"I feel this course has and will continue to pay huge dividends for me personally and my company. I have relearned the power of focus, to trust my instincts. As a leader, I am willing to live with the outcomes of my decisions and learn from them."
John Lessick, President
Apex Wood Floors CBAP '02

J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. (Flag Source)
"The CBA has injected a lot of excitement into the actual strategic planning of the business for me. It gave me the confidence to look at situations in a new light and better enable our team to manage the company’s growth."
Janice Christiansen, President
J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. CBAP ’94

Drive Controls, Inc.
"The CBAP allowed us to step back and determine the most competitive strategy for our company. Today, even in a down manufacturing market, we're able to take that focus and realize an increase in the quality of our sales in terms of customers and overall profitability. Also, from having a company-wide understanding of what is strategic and what is not, we can focus on the most critical areas of the company to continue to improve and help us continue this growth."
Ray Fearing, Vice President
Drive Controls, Inc. CBAP ’01

Best Packaging, Inc.
"I am excited because I feel that our strategic projects will be a success because they fit in perfectly with our goals and objectives. If we continue to stay focused I see nothing but success for the company, my employees and me."
Stephen Kudia, President
Best Packaging, Inc. CBAP '02

Midwest Eye Physicians
"I have attended many schools over the years (too many to list) but I have never enjoyed a learning experience as much as I have in the CBAP. I can not begin to put into words the effect this program has had on our entire staff. The change in attitude and the extreme interest in bringing MEP into a systematic, progressive strategic business plan for the growth of our vision and mission is nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you for your efforts."
Floyd Woods,
Midwest Eye Physicians CBAP ’00

American Mediconnect, Inc.
We are pleased to have been a part of the CBA program. Since my participation, we have fine-tuned our efforts as a call center to concentrate exclusively on the health care field. This was perhaps the most important single insight I gained from the CBA program. In fact, our business routinely increases in excess of 30% annually in sales – without significant increases in marketing expenses.
Joe Sameh, President
American Mediconnect, Inc. CBAP ’95

Packaging Design Corporation
"The CBAP has made us create a vision and strategic plan for our company that everyone has had input into. The program forced us to take a step back and see exactly where we wanted to go and control our growth - not just grow."
Howard Jones, President and Scott Jones, Executive Vice President
Packaging Design Corporation CBAP '99

Lincoln Abrasives

As a manufacturer, this program had an immediate impact on the areas of primary importance to me: I increased my sales and profits directly as a result of implementing effective management practices across all areas of my business, from total quality management to marketing.)
Thomas Boehmke, President
Lincoln Abrasives CBAP ’92

Fletcher Chicago, Inc.
The issues outlined in our strategic plan were critical to launching the overhead camera business, as well as Fletcher Chicago recently becoming the Sony Corporation’s broadcast representative in Chicago
Tom Fletcher, Vice President
Fletcher Chicago, Inc. CBAP ’91

ABC Auto Parts, Inc.
The CBA enabled me to step back and reevaluate the way we manage our family business – essentially reengineering our decision making process
Jim Watson, Vice President
ABC Auto Parts, Inc. CBAP ’93

Gaines International
"This Program has been unbelievable! We have already seen the results in 'quality of life' in the company- and for me."
Donna Gaines, President, CBAP '96 and Grant Heath, Vice President CBAP '98
Gaines International

Oakley Millwork, Inc.
"Truly designed for the working manager... a wonderful experience of sharing problems and solutions with other owners and managers."
Jeff Giazon and Charles Hayes, Branch Managers
Oakley Millwork, Inc. CBAP '96

Nortech Telecommunications, Inc. We enjoyed attending the classes and benefited immensely from the whole process. We believe that as a result of having worked and thought through the planning procedure together with our employees, then we produced a clear and understandable road map for our company to follow.
Norman A. Kwak and Larry B. Denison
Nortech Telecommunications, Inc. CBAP '96